Another international title for Romain Dumas, winner of the FIA RGT Cup

Another international title for Romain Dumas, winner of the FIA RGT Cup

By finishing the Rally di Roma, penultimate round of the FIA RGT Cup, run as part of the European Rally Championship, Romain Dumas has assured himself the international title established by the FIA in 2015. With his team and his Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0l RGT, developed by RD Limited, the Cévennes native has three victories in four events. The Valais Rally, final round of the Cup, will be held October 26-28, and provides a new challenge for the team.

Coupe FIA RGT, mission accomplished!
Following his class win at the Rallye Monte-Carlo, only a few days after his third participation at the Dakar, Romain Dumas had confirmed his dedication to winning the FIA RGT Cup. The mission was clear : take the title. And this was accomplished as the Rally di Roma came to a close. The event took its toll and saw Romain Dumas and Denis Giraudet as longtime leaders before encountering various problems dropping the pair down to fourth place. But it was enough to become the mathematical champions before the final rally.
« Along with the third win at Pikes Peak, the FIA RGT Cup was one of my goals to attain with RD Limited, which has now been completed. And that’s a major satisfaction » underlines Romain. « Beyond the three out of four victories, it’s the reliability shown that I’ve retained, the consistency and the team’s good work. We were always at the finish, well placed in the overall rankings and notably within the two-wheel drive cars. It’s not an easy schedule with the Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse, where the competition is fierce. In addition, the Barum Rally and Rally di Roma were very interesting discoveries and quite complicated, especially in the case of the Barum. There only remains the Valais Rally in which we hope to finish on a high note. This will be my first time competing there and I’ve heard only good things. So I’m looking forward to being on the Swiss roads. »

Alsace Rally 2014, the beginning…
It was in October, 2014 that the RGT adventure started for Romain Dumas and his team. At the time, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0l developed by RD Limited was the first homologated RGT. Since then, the appearances in the class have multiplied in both the World Rally and European Rally Championships, as have the class wins. The factory Porsche driver’s FIA RGT Cup title is a hard-earned reward. « With our Porsches, we competed in all the GT classes before entering RGT. It was an ambitious plan because we were a bit like pioneers. And we’ve been able bring it all to fruition for our partners and technical suppliers. I’ve always believed in this class and I still do. We’ve shown, through results and reliability, even on tough terrain, that GT cars have the place in rallying. This year, it was important to confirm this with an international FIA title. I’m also very happy that other competitors are coming, like Abarth. I’m confident more will follow. »

With a presence at all levels of rallying, from modern (GT10, GT+, RGT) to historic, as well as international (Pikes Peak) and national (French Championship) hill climbs, the RD Limited team continues to excel weekend after weekend as it grows the scope of its involvements. « The 2017 season isn’t yet finished but it was rich for the team. To compete in the Dakar, Pikes Peak and FIA RGT Cup, in the same year, is fairly unique. An incredible adventure ! Now it’s up to us to take on new challenges in the coming months » concludes Romain Dumas.

Before outlining its future projects, RD Limited will once again be on the road, most notably for the Tour de Corse Historique, October 2-7, and the Valais Rally, October 26-28.

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