Romain Dumas, multi-generational Porsche specialist at « Les Cévennes » and the Tour de Corse !

Romain Dumas, multi-generational Porsche specialist at « Les Cévennes » and the Tour de Corse !

With three rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship to go before the end of November, Romain Dumas will have a busy schedule with the official Porsche team. But the Alès, France native is a multi-generational and mutli-disciplined Porsche specialist : he will prove this in the coming weeks as he takes part in the Cévennes Rallye driving a Porsche 911 SC 3.0l Gr4 (24th to 26th October), then the Tour de Corse in his Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0l. Two vehicles prepared, developed and entered by his own team, and two important meetins of the French Rally Championship and European Rally Championship.

The Cévennes Rallye, for fun and in historics class…
Now a regular competitor at « Les Cévennes », where he began his rallying career in 2007, Romain Dumas will compete in the VHC class in a Porsche 911 SC 3.0l Gr4 prepared by RD Limited and cared for at the team’s workshop at Pôle Mécanique of Alès. This won’t be the first time that we see the factory Porsche driver in this historic car, having won the Drôme Rally with it in July. « I love this car, and everytime I drive it, I have lots of fun. » he admits. « The feeling is simply fabulous. I get the impression I’m driving in the past, when my father was already racing in Porsches, even though this car still feels young and wild. It was a time that really fascinated me and every time I drive this 911 SC 3.0l Gr4, it’s a realy pleasure. It’s really a joy in fact, because there’s no pressure. « Les Cévennes » is a very special rally for me. People know how important home region is to me. I’m at my « house », with all of my friends and my family. Everything is united to have a fun weekend on roads that I know and love. It will be a very enjoyable experience. »

Tour de Corse, the return of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0l « R-GT » to confirm its performance !
At the beginning of October, the Romain Dumas Rallye Team debuted the 911 GT3 RS 4.0l at the Rallye de France. It is the first car developed especially for the R-GT class. It was a first that finished on a high note, with a class victory and 19th overall finish – the best result on the world stage for this type of car. The Porsche will make its return at the Tour de Corse, final round of the European Rally Championship. Romain Dumas will arrive directly from Shanghai where he will be driving the factory Porsche 919 Hybrid. « The Tour de Corse is a totally different thought process » he explains. « At the Rallye de France,we were looking more at a test. The experience was valuable, but we know that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0l has good potential and we now want to progress at each appearance. Running in the ERC will also be interesting because our competitors are different. And finally, the Tour de Corse is a magnificent event. A little like Alsace, we enter the rally with a few unknowns in terms of the car’s performance, but that will only make the rally more interesting. The goal, to start, will be to confirm the car’s good result at the Rallye de France. To do this, we will have to make no mistakes and be at the finish. In any case, I’m thrilled to take part in these two rallies, with Porsches from two different generations, but both prepared by my RD Limited label and by my team. As a boy, I dreamed of being at the start of these two events and even though I am a competitor, I can’t take that away from my spirit and it’s fantastic »

Follow @Romain__Dumas on twitter !
Racing on circuits and in rallies, Romain Dumas will take this opportunity to start his official Twitter account: @Romain__Dumas. In parallel to the redesign of his website and official Facebook page, Romain now joins the Twitter community. You’ll now have the chance to follow him, in French and in English 140 characters at a time.

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